T-12 Operating Expense Analyzer

- Quickly Convert PDF T-12s to Excel

- Map Expenses to Your Custom Chart of Accounts

- Analyze Income & Expense Trends

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Quick & Consistent Underwriting

Enodo automates the extraction, standardization and analysis of data from multifamily T-12 operating statements to deliver valuable insight and formatted data in seconds. Our free T-12 Operating Expense Analyzer allows users to quickly upload, parse and analyze PDF and Excel operating data, map expenses to their own custom chart of accounts, and export to Excel quickly and consistently.

Extract Operating Data

Quickly upload and parse nearly any operating statement in PDF or Excel format.

Map & Analyze Expenses

Map to your own Chart of Accounts and analyze training expense trends over time.

Download Excel Reports

Save your results and seamlessly export to Excel to complete your underwriting.


In-Depth Analysis

Convert Documents

Drag & drop PDF or excel documents to begin your analysis. No more copying & pasting.

Custom Chart of Accounts

Create your own custom chart of accounts or use standard income and expense categories for any operating statement.

Trend Visualization

View your trailing historicals from any period, compare year-over-year growth, understand the key trends driving performance.

Upload Operating Statement

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