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Underwriting Platform for Multifamily.

Enodo analyzes millions of property and market data points to help you instantly survey comps, benchmark rent and expenses, and identify value-add opportunities.

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Accelerate Your Deal Flow

Confidently pursue opportunities that fit your investment strategy and swiftly pass on those that don’t.

Analyze Rent Rolls & T-12s

Quickly parse and analyze new multifamily real estate deals without the painful copying, pasting, and error checking associated with PDF documents.

Survey Rent & Expense Comps

Complete your apartment rent and expense comp surveys instantly. Leverage our real estate data analytics to see where you can push rents and reduce expenses.

Find Value-Add Opportunities

Analyze apartment deals in minutes, not hours. Quickly identify, underwrite and execute multifamily investment opportunities with machine learning.


The multifamily industry's most advanced automated underwriting platform.

Enodo’s market-level insights, rent and expense analysis, and comparable property detection provide a data-driven strategy to evaluate multifamily deals.